Our organization provides education on how to be a civically engaged member of San Francisco.


New Community Leadership Foundation is a non-profit organization that works to transform and empower black and other disenfranchised communities in San Francisco, California.


Below is a snapshot of the ongoing projects initiated and managed by NCLF in recent years:

San Francisco Black Led Organizations Coalition (SFBLOC)

SFBLOC is the first advocacy group created to serve local, Black-led organizations. This initiative brought together more than 50 Black-led organizations to strategize goals, share resources, collaborate, and move toward collective impact. More than $2 million in funding was generated in 2020 to build a thriving infrastructure supporting the African-American community.

Fillmore Merchants & Neighborhood Collaborative (Fillmore Collaborative)

In partnership with Andrea Baker Consulting, we created the Fillmore Collaborative to unite residents, organizations, and merchants in the Fillmore community to promote change and disperse critical resources during the pandemic. The Fillmore Collaborative, funded by the Mayor’s Office of Economic and Workforce Development, has become a driving force for improving the community.

S.F. Cultural Calendar

Our interactive, collaborative cultural calendar enlightens the community about events important to San Francisco’s Black community as well as anyone who cares about diversity and equity in our city. Anyone is invited to schedule their own events on the calendar.

Fillmore Mini Park Renovation

We led a community effort to develop a concept plan to transform the Fillmore Mini Park into an inclusive recreational venue in the heart of Fillmore. We were successful in securing a Community Opportunity Fund (COF) award of $330,000 for the park. In partnership with the Recreation and Park Department, SF Beautiful, and TS Studio additional funds and resources were secured to move the project forward. The renovation will increase the capacity of the park to support community programming and gatherings. The project, delayed due to COVID-19, will resume this year. Project updates are posted on the Rec Park Fillmore Turk Park project page.

Steiner Bridge Monument

We aim to erect a monument near the site of the Steiner Street bridge demolition to educate the community on the way the bridge symbolized failed urban renewal policies that devastated the Black community in Fillmore. The monument has initial support from the S.F. Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA).

Northern Station Beautification Photo Exhibit

We want to establish a historic photo exhibit on the side of Northern Police Station on Fillmore Street featuring historic photos of Fillmore prior to the 1970s, when more than 60 square blocks were bulldozed as part of Western Addition project A-2. The “urban renewal program” ended Fillmore’s golden area, devastating the local Afro-American community.

Peoples Temple Commemoration

In November of 2018, we held an event recognizing the tragic loss of the historic Fillmore residents who were members of the People’s Temple killed in the Jonestown Massacre. The event brought national attention to our work to reclaim the humanity of the people who perished as we established the first annual gathering of its kind for reflection and healing.

COVID-19 Instagram Outreach Campaign

In partnership with the San Francisco Brown Bombers (SFBB) and with funding from the San Francisco Public Health Foundation, we will organize an Instagram campaign driven by a cohort of people ages 18 – 29 who live in Fillmore’s public housing. They will explore the impact of COVID-19 on their lives while sharing the latest information about COVID-19.


Support from community members like you has been critical to some of our most important and innovative work, from the renovation of the Fillmore Min Park, the activation of the Fillmore Heritage Center and the first ever commemoration in San Francisco of the tragedy in Jonestown.

Please contact us at 415-857-1135 or info@NCLFINC.ORG.